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Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek Catholic Diocese of Oradea Mare



Babes-Bolyai University
Faculty of Greek Catholic Theology



Romanian Academy

George Bariţiu Institute of History in Cluj-Napoca

Str. Mihai Pavel 4,

410210 Oradea

Tel: 0259/436492

Fax: 0259/430509







Departamentul Oradea


Str. Parcul Traian 20,

410044 Oradea

Tel/Fax: 0259/416953


Str. M. Kogălniceanu 12-14
 400084 Cluj-Napoca

Tel./Fax: 0264/598343




Transylvanian School was a cultural movement that set the features of Romanian modernity in a crucial manner. The normality of tomorrow’s world will be an articulated response to the major challenges of today’s world, foreshadowed by the diagnoses and prognoses made from a historical, philosophical and theological perspective. On the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the foundation stone of the Theological Academy in Oradea – now the Faculty of Greek Catholic Theology, Department of Oradea - was laid, we invite you to take part in the international symposium on






9th edition

Oradea, October 29th – 31st, 2014


Symposium organized in collaboration with:
Association of Researchers in the History of Greek Catholic Church and the Bishop Basil Aftenie Association







History, culture and theology.
Greek Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe


God in the natural order of our world
- continuity, discontinuity and building the world of tomorrow-

The 9th national symposium on historical and theological themes - a scientific event held under the slogan "Transylvanian School" - has increased year after year, gaining international status and opening itself from themes confined to the culture, history and Greek Catholic theology in Romania, towards the broader area of Greek Catholicism in Europe, with its historical and theological particularity. The papers presented at the symposium are to be brought together, since last year, while preparing the Romanian edition, in a book that will be published abroad as part of a series whose continuity organizers aim to ensure.








The human beings live in a material and spiritual world, as masters of the natural environment inside which they build their own civilization, express themselves through religion and culture, and build their own historical destiny. The meaning of the flow of time is beyond the horizon of the visible world, therefore, at all times, God or the idea of ​​God will accompany human phenomenon through history. Natural world, re-found and re-built, demands the effort of reflectiveness, of lucidity and responsibility, in continuity with the past, through the innovative leap of the present and the responsibility for the world of tomorrow. Philosophers, theologians and specialists in the humanities have the task of presenting God and the place of religion in the natural order of the world, as this world was before, as it is now, and by forecasting its future.




The symposium will take place at the Department of Oradea, Faculty of Greek-Catholic Theology, str. Parcul Traian nr. 20, Oradea / Bihor, Romania